The YCS Project

For over ten years we have been supporting efforts to build a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels in Kosovo. We achieve this by enabling young and ambitious individuals to maximise their career prospects by studying in the EU’s most reputable educational institutions.

Young Cell Scheme provides Kosovars with the opportunity of a scholarship, studying in specific MA, MSc and LLM programmes. The project responds to the SAA implementation needs and requirements of the Kosovo Government, by providing the public administration with young expert resources trained in EU Universities, who upon their return have a contractual obligation to be employed for at least three consecutive years within the Kosovo civil service.

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"I am very fortunate that I was among the students that were granted with the YCS Scholarship as this scholarship helped me to continue my studies in one of the most reputable European Universities. Besides having the opportunity to choose among the best universities, I also got to finish a master progamme that is applicable in assessing the very actual and important decisions through the use of economic analysis. After the completion of the programme, I became part of the Kosovo public administration and continue to be so. Through this I am part of various activities related to the harmonization of Kosovo’s legislation with the EU acquis and also the drafting of strategic documents. Moreover, starting from the upcoming year I will also be involved in the process of meeting the obligations that arise from the SAA".
- Doruntina Shala-Hoxha – YCS Round IX

Current position Senior Officer for Quality Infrastructure and Notifications, Ministry of Trade and Industry

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