Also this year the YCS team, the European Young Cell Alumni (EYCA) Kosovo and the University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina’ (co)organized the 7th edition of the summer school named EUSS 2020. This year’s general EUSS’ topic was: ‘Covid-19:Economic development, environmental sustainability and the emergence of global pandemics‘. EUSS 2020 can be considered somehow the natural prosecution of EUWS 2020 one held in February 2020 before the global pandemic started (e.g. Environmental Protection in the EU and Environmental Challenges and Emergencies in Kosovo).

As for the above EUSS 2020 was mostly related to the challenges and the opportunities faced by our societies in face of the current circumstances with Covid-19 pandemic. The summer school lasted three days in total (21-23 September 2020) and it has been structured in two different streams: a) Stream 1 – Environmental drivers behind emergence of global pandemics; b) Stream 2 – Economic development and environmental degradation.

Due to the current situation, this edition of the summer school was organized fully online and it involved ca. 70 students with different academic backgrounds (economics, veterinary, medicine, law, public health etc.) who applied and attended this three-day event. Ten different professors and experts in environmental studies, epidemiology and public health from EU universities and Kosovo introduced 14 different lectures related to environmental drivers behind the emergence of global pandemics and presented different perspectives related to socio-economic development and environmental degradation.

All participants used this opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of the current socio-economic and scientific issues laying behind the emergence of global pandemics as Covid-19 is and to deepen what the main environmental drivers behind this situation are. All lecturers who delivered their presentations were able to actively involve the participants, fostering debate and reflections on discussed topics and to raise their awareness about Covid-19 and its impact on socio-economic development and sustainable growth in Kosovo and globally.

All lecturing materials of the EUSS 2020, including lecturers’ bios, abstracts, key references and PPTs, are available at and downloadable from the following link on google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gL_6CV5MLLFb9QOJFGTxfFvWJK6uACD5

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