YCS Round X: Final Rankings – Lists of Grantees and Reserves (15/4/2016)

The YCS interviews for Round X selections were held on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th April, at British Council premises in Pristina.

A total of 77 candidates were invited to take the interviews. 3 candidates didn’t come on the day of interviews (1 in the sector of Law and 2 in the sector of Economics).

Out of the 74 interviewed, a total of 35 grants were awarded and 5 candidates were retained as reserve. Considering the overall performance of candidates during the interviews and as stated in the Rules of procedure and confirmed after the results of the written exams the interview panel decided to use the given possibility to raise the total number awarded grants from the planned 32 to 35. Due to the performance of candidates it has been decided that it was possible to award 3 more grants in Law sector to tackle the need for lawyers expressed by MEI. Moreover, the panel agreed to ask one candidate, who has both a BA in Law and  BA in Economics but who applied for and was awarded with a grant in Economics, to move from Economics to Law sector. This grantee accepted the proposal and he is currently in the list of students awarded with a grant in Law sector. As for civil servants taking part to the interviews, accordingly to the Rules of procedure, 3 of them have been awarded with one of these grants and 1 is among reserves. For each sector, the following decisions were taken by the Panel Members, inclusive of the YCS Scholarship’s stakeholders (EU Office and Ministry of European Integration):

  • for Law 8 grants were awarded, and no candidate was retained as reserve.
  • for Public Administration 10 grants were awarded, and 2 applicants were retained as reserve;
  • for Economics 17 grants were awarded, and 3 applicants were retained as reserve;


The RESULTS of the INTERVIEWS, with scores of all the candidates, and the FINAL RANKINGS for ALL SECTORS, can be downloaded by clicking here (NB it is a 6 pages document, sectors are one after the other, in the following order: Law, Public Administration and Economics).


All candidates who took the interviews and who were not awarded a grant can come to the YCS office to be shown the complete interview minutes and the “consensus minutes” relating to their own interview, and to receive feedback on their performance, between 12:00 to 16:00, on the following days:

on Wednesday 20th April and from Wednesday 27th until Friday 29th April inclusive at the YCS Secretariat office in the British Council premises.