"It feels like a long time since I was awarded the Young Cell Scheme Scholarship. The reason behind this lies in the fact that since graduation up until now, my life has been very dynamic. I have been employed in the civil service as a result of my scholarship contract. Initially, I started as a senior legal officer within the Ministry of Justice, transferred to Ministry of European Integration a year after and now I run a division within the Department of EU Law at the latter. Words are absolutely insufficient to express how this scholarship has changed my life for the better and has contributed to my career development. The scholarship not only enables you to pursue your postgraduate studies in the chosen field, but also experience the European culture, develop your language skills and prepare for employment. YCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't miss it!”
- Evin Thana - YCS Round VIII

Current position: Head of Division for Coordination of Translation and Terminology of Acquis/Department for EU Law/Ministry of European Integration .

"I am very fortunate that I was among the students that were granted with the YCS Scholarship as this scholarship helped me to continue my studies in one of the most reputable European Universities. Besides having the opportunity to choose among the best universities, I also got to finish a master progamme that is applicable in assessing the very actual and important decisions through the use of economic analysis. After the completion of the programme, I became part of the Kosovo public administration and continue to be so. Through this I am part of various activities related to the harmonization of Kosovo’s legislation with the EU acquis and also the drafting of strategic documents. Moreover, starting from the upcoming year I will also be involved in the process of meeting the obligations that arise from the SAA".
- Doruntina Shala-Hoxha – YCS Round IX

Current position Senior Officer for Quality Infrastructure and Notifications, Ministry of Trade and Industry .

“YCS scholarship scheme opened the doors for me. After completing the studies at the Law Faculty in the University of Prishtina, I ended up living and studying for Masters Degree for one year in Hamburg, Germany. This helped me develop both professionally and personally. As a result of the scholarship, I got such an experience that is now being translated into concrete steps to support the Ministry of Justice in fulfilling the obligations for European Integration and I am happy to be part of this”.
- Anita Çavdarbasha – YCS Round IX

Current position: Senior Legal Officer- Ministry of Justice .

“The program has had and it is still having a huge impact in terms of reforming Public Administration in Kosovo and has greatly contributed in basically revolutionizing the Civil Service where key positions within the Public Administration have been occupied by the former Young Cell Scheme students”.
- Demush Shasha – YCS Round III

Current position: General Secretary of the Ministry of European Integration .

"Young Cells Scheme is a unique and life changing experience. It gives you the remarkable opportunity of studying in developed countries where you educate yourself at the most prominent Universities, an opportunity otherwise hardly possible for young Kosovo students. It also assists you directly to launch your professional career by providing you the possibility to work for the public institutions at the central or local level where you contribute professionally for the European integration process and beyond. Above all, it educates you on the European values of human rights protection, equality, rule of law and many more, which follow your personal and professional life persistently!".
- Rinor Hoxha - YCS Round IX

Current position: Senior Legal Officer, Ministry of European Integration .

“YCS is a golden opportunity scheme for young Kosovars willing to advance their academic level. It is an engine that helps you reach your potential and prepares you for the bigger professional world. I am very thankful and honored to have had the possibility to experience a high quality European education through YCS. More importantly, it equipped me with additional knowledge and skills that I now effectively apply in my daily work. It is an investment for a brighter future of Kosovo, and critical to contributing in the socio-economic development of our country. YCS equals a world-class education and literally connects you with the most important state mechanism, that of public administration. The bettering of some of our key public institutions is due to the enormous positive results that this scheme has provided for nine consecutive generations. Specifically, YCS is the bridge between education and development; it is itself the most effective process of public administration reform.”
- Armend Kelmendi – YCS Round IX

Current position: Senior Officer for Public Administration Reform, MSc in European Politics and Policies, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. .