YCS Round XII: Final Rankings – Lists of Grantees and Reserves (04/02/2019)

The YCS interviews for Round XII selections were held on Monday, 28th January, Tuesday, 29th January, Wednesday, 30th January, Thursday 31st January and Friday, 1st February 2019 at the British Council’s premises in Pristina.

In total 84 candidates were invited to take the interviews and 81 candidates were interviewed. One (1) candidate (in Law sector) did not show on the day of the interview. In addition, two (2) candidates (both in Culture and Health sector) did not take the interview which was scheduled on Friday, 1st February: one (1) candidate decided to withdraw from the selection for personal reasons after registering for the interview; one (1) candidate was excluded from the selection and declared as inadmissible by the interview panel as she failed to produce the necessary documentary evidence for her degree.

Out of the 81 interviewed, a total of 40 grants were awarded and 8 candidates were retained as reserves (all grantees and reserves will receive a separate e-mail detailing the rights and obligations related with their status). In total, 22 men and 26 women were awarded with a scholarship or retained as reserves.

For each sector, the following decisions were taken by the Panel Members, inclusive of the YCS Scholarship’s stakeholders (the EU Office and the Ministry of European Integration):

  • for Law 16 grants were awarded, and 3 applicants were retained as reserve;
  • for Public Administration 10 grants were awarded, and 2 applicants were retained as reserve;
  • for Economics 10 grants were awarded, and 2 applicants were retained as reserve;
  • for Culture and Health 4 grants were awarded, and 1 applicant was retained as reserve.

The RESULTS of the INTERVIEWS, with scores of all candidates, and the FINAL RANKING for EACH SECTOR, can be downloaded by clicking THE FOLLOWING LINKS:

All candidates who took the interview and who were not awarded a grant can come to the YCS Secretariat office at the British Council premises in Pristina to be shown the “consensus minutes” drafted by the Interview Panel relating to their own interview, and to receive a specific feedback on their performance during the interview on one of the following days:

– Tuesday, 5th February 2019 from 10:00 to 16:00

– Wednesday, 6th February 2019 from 10:00 to 16:00