The YCS Project

For over ten years we have been supporting efforts to build a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels in Kosovo. We achieve this by enabling young and ambitious individuals to maximise their career prospects by studying in the EU’s most reputable educational institutions.

Young Cell Scheme provides Kosovars with the opportunity of a scholarship, studying in specific MA, MSc and LLM programmes. The project responds to the SAA implementation needs and requirements of the Kosovo Government, by providing the public administration with young expert resources trained in EU Universities, who upon their return have a contractual obligation to be employed for at least three consecutive years within the Kosovo civil service.

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"It feels like a long time since I was awarded the Young Cell Scheme Scholarship. The reason behind this lies in the fact that since graduation up until now, my life has been very dynamic. I have been employed in the civil service as a result of my scholarship contract. Initially, I started as a senior legal officer within the Ministry of Justice, transferred to Ministry of European Integration a year after and now I run a division within the Department of EU Law at the latter. Words are absolutely insufficient to express how this scholarship has changed my life for the better and has contributed to my career development. The scholarship not only enables you to pursue your postgraduate studies in the chosen field, but also experience the European culture, develop your language skills and prepare for employment. YCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't miss it!”
- Evin Thana - YCS Round VIII

Current position: Head of Division for Coordination of Translation and Terminology of Acquis/Department for EU Law/Ministry of European Integration

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