The YCS Project

For over ten years we have been supporting efforts to build a professional, accountable and apolitical civil service at all levels in Kosovo. We achieve this by enabling young and ambitious individuals to maximise their career prospects by studying in the EU’s most reputable educational institutions.

Young Cell Scheme provides Kosovars with the opportunity of a scholarship, studying in specific MA, MSc and LLM programmes. The project responds to the SAA implementation needs and requirements of the Kosovo Government, by providing the public administration with young expert resources trained in EU Universities, who upon their return have a contractual obligation to be employed for at least three consecutive years within the Kosovo civil service.

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“YCS is a golden opportunity scheme for young Kosovars willing to advance their academic level. It is an engine that helps you reach your potential and prepares you for the bigger professional world. I am very thankful and honored to have had the possibility to experience a high quality European education through YCS. More importantly, it equipped me with additional knowledge and skills that I now effectively apply in my daily work. It is an investment for a brighter future of Kosovo, and critical to contributing in the socio-economic development of our country. YCS equals a world-class education and literally connects you with the most important state mechanism, that of public administration. The bettering of some of our key public institutions is due to the enormous positive results that this scheme has provided for nine consecutive generations. Specifically, YCS is the bridge between education and development; it is itself the most effective process of public administration reform.”
- Armend Kelmendi – YCS Round IX

Current position: Senior Officer for Public Administration Reform, MSc in European Politics and Policies, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

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